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Bad vet BAD! Don't overmedicate your elder dog

Update: Perogi didn't develop Diabetes all on her own... she was given it by a bad vet! 

Perogi was going deaf. I wasn't upset about this. It meant we could watch movies with horses in them (she hates any horse on TV- even a human in a horse suit?) and have a quiet snack if you were out of eye sight.

Diabetic dog care & warning signs

Diabetic dog care & warning signs

My sweet little pug, Perogi: Queen of Pugs, has developed Diabetes! She is 13 years old, so it's not un-common in pugs.

Her backstory: We received Perogi into our lives 10 years ago when she was 3. She was over 30 pounds! Seriously, she looked like potato with toothpicks in it. Her previous family did not take her for walks & left puppy chow out for her to eat all day long. A pug. With food. Waiting. All. Day. Long.

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